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Landing Pages That Drive Exceptional Conversions

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Feeling Like your Sales

Funnels and Landing Pages are Winning Awards... for Boredom?

If you're tired of hearing crickets instead of seeing conversions, you're not alone. Many designers struggle to break free from the chains of dullness and create visually stunning as well as engaging experiences

Brace Yourself for an Ultimate
Design Challenge That Will Make Your Creativity Do a Happy Dance!

Get ready to embark on an epic adventure with our highly sought-after 5-day Figma Workshop! We've combined the ultimate solution for sales funnel and landing page designers who refuse to settle for mediocrity.

Brace Yourself for an Ultimate Design Challenge That Will Make Your Creativity Do a Happy Dance!

Get ready to embark on an epic adventure with our highly sought-after 5-day Figma Workshop! We've concocted the ultimate solution for sales funnel and landing page designers who refuse to settle for mediocrity.

Unlock the Power of Figma and Elevate Your Funnel Design

Uncover the hidden potential within and witness a magnificent transformation of your design skills. Gain the confidence to create sales funnels and landing pages that don't just impress visually, but wield the power to deliver exceptional results for your clients or business.

This is Time-Sensitive

In this 5 Day Challenge, you will get a Live Best- in-Class Figma Training from the 6- Figure Designer Ravi Verma

The Live Challenge will Start on

Monday, 16th Oct, 2023 at 6:00PM IST


What you will learn in 5 days

A closer look at the Figma interface, understand the basics and possibilities to go beyond

Zooming in to see Figma at a deeper level and take a deep dive into the tools

Stretch the boundaries a little further and amaze youself with what you can design

The tricks, the hacks, the fundamentals, the basics, and the advanced techniques of design

Unfolding the ultimate skill you need to save your time by mastering how to wireframe

Meet Your Instructor

In case you're wondering "why should I listen to this person" My name is Ravi Verma and I am a professional graphic and UI designer from a decade.

I help aspring designer unleash their full potential by providing comprehensive education in Figma and graphics design while empowering them to achieve their career goals and making a good living as a designer.

There's no way better to become the greatest at anything than to learn from someone whose previously done it...

To be honest, there's not much different between you and I. The only difference is that I am familiar with the methods, resources, tactics, and design concepts that enable me to produce designs of the highest calibre in a matter of minutes.

Don't Take it From us...

See What our Students from 5 Day Figma Challenge are saying

Have Any Burning Questions?

We're ecstatic to douse the flames with witty responses and Infectious Joy!

How can Figma help me design effective sales funnels?

Ah, Figma, the superhero of sales funnel design! With its mighty design tools and magical collaboration features,
you'll be crafting funnels that convert like never before. It's like having a secret weapon in your design toolkit!

Can I use Figma to create responsive sales funnels for different devices?

Absolutely! Figma dances gracefully with different screen sizes and devices. It's like a choreographed performance where
your sales funnels shine on desktops, mobiles, and even smart fridges. Talk about flexibility!

Can I collaborate with my team members in real-time using Figma?

Absolutely! Figma turns collaboration into a lively party where you and your team groove together on the same sales funnel
dance floor. It's like a virtual design jam session that'll have your teammates high-fiving through the screen!

Can I create interactive prototypes of my sales funnels using Figma?

Oh, you betcha! Figma lets you create interactive prototypes that bring your sales funnels to life. It's like hosting a mini
amusement park where users can take thrilling rides through your funnel, leaving them saying, "Wow, that was fun!"

Does Figma offer design templates or resources specifically for sales funnels?

While Figma doesn't have a magic sales funnel button (we're working on it!), there are plenty of design resources and community-generated
templates that'll give your funnels a head start. It's like having a treasure trove of design goodies at your fingertips!

Can I export my sales funnel designs from Figma to other platforms or tools?

Absolutely! Figma lets you export your designs in various formats, making it easier than stealing candy from a baby to share your
stunning sales funnel creations with the world. Spread the design love!

How can Figma help me maintain design consistency across my sales funnels?

Figma is like the guardian angel of design consistency. With its design components and style libraries, you can ensure your sales funnels
stay on-brand and visually cohesive. It's like having a personal design assistant that keeps everything looking sharp!

Can I present my sales funnel designs to clients or stakeholders using Figma?

Absolutely! Figma's presentation mode is like having your own stage to showcase your sales funnel designs.
Step into the spotlight and dazzle your clients or stakeholders with your creativity. Cue the applause!

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